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We create dream design.

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878A Tampines Ave 8

“Green” is friendly and sometime it gives you a gentle kiss of a contemporary richness. Without over-powering the entire concept, wood was introduced to lead a sense of visual balance…

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842D Tampines St 82

An old concept; “Boutique theme hotel” reflected many sophisticated identity. Rebellious yet impressive. The owners of this house encapsulate the essence of this metaphorical and refurnished it into a radical…

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807A Chai Chee Rd

To outsiders, it is just another space filled with white context. The hierarchy of the owners, clearly depicted as immaculate yet dramatic. At first the common spaces appears as a…

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Blk 404 Tampines St 41

To dream of an own lifestyle culture and create its own taste of timeless living space. The initial perception was to retain the characteristic of the original building structure thus…

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314B Punggol Way

First impression counts, and the first impression to every house is the main entrance. We replaced the existing gate with a custom designed meshed gate and instead of having the…

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