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Live in your own imaginary world with our lates theme. Uniquely conceptualize client-focused applications without user friendly.

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About Us.

A creative leading interior design firm established in 2012.

DSOD has won several international awards across the world and our aims is to cultivate a corporate identity as an international designer brand that ensures all design are the highest quality and express the refine of creativity.

Our Delicate Team.

We attribute our success to our people, their commitment and work culture

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Don Lin Founder

Don Lin graduated in Nanyang academy of fine arts, in 2004. He is in this industrial for more than 9 years and his work has been recognised all over the countries that enable him to win numerous international awards, include the Italy A-design awards and China most successful awards. His philosophy principle was “Every project has to be award winning and in order to be award winning, you have to love and trust what you are doing”, with this attitude, he have won many client’s trust. Through his years of experience, he always explores new ways to integrate an organizing idea with the programmatic and functional essence of an interior. Rather than imposing a style upon different clients, the unique characteristic was to anchor a joyful experience that extends an ecological innovation.