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We pursue ideas that one day can
change the world.

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Our Story

Formed up in 2012 and founded by Don Lin. DSOD Interior has gone from strength to strength in Singapore, continuing to deliver premium branding that expresses the finest of creativity.

Over the years, DSOD has won several international awards across the world. We offer multi-disciplinary expertise in residential, office, retail and F&B that undertakes an appreciation of brand objective & lifestyle.


From the beginning, DSOD pioneered a sustainable approach of communication and further spectrum our expertise of enthusiasm and knowledge into the final process. The design we provide in DSOD is always distinct with its own characteristic and giving opportunity to change the feel of an empty space into an ever-lasting lifestyle. We also believe the strong connection between quality of design and the art of packaging. Our design strategy is tailored to every individual project that collectively recognises as a constructive dialogue.


Rather than focusing on profitability, we concentrate on our aspirations and passion for creating small opportunities in big ways through doing what we love to do. The end result is to see a branding that people talked about, used, and wanted to own it.


Core Value

“We are a group of mad designers that create international top awards”
“We are designers that strongly believes in quality”
“We are designers that do not believe in repeating design”
“We are designers that create trend that will last for years”